So, what’s different about Differin®?

Differin Gel isn’t like other acne treatments you’ve tried. It clears and prevents acne with the first ingredient approved by the FDA for over-the-counter use in more than 30 years. Learn the ins and outs of this delightfully different treatment process.

The Differin Difference

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The Skin Skinny
A dermatologist’s perspective

How is Differin Gel different?

Differin Gel is the newest advancement in acne treatment available without a prescription in over 30 years.
Dr. Adam Friedman


How long does Differin Gel take to work?

You’ve seen — and probably used — “fast-acting” treatments that “work in 4 hours,” or promise “overnight success.” If those products did what they said, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Differin is different. In clinical studies, patients reported a nearly 60% average reduction in acne lesions by week 12. Continued daily use will lead to increased reduction. Using Differin in your daily routine puts an end to the frustration of treating acne only to have new acne pop up somewhere else. Learn more about the process here.

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